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Welcome to my haircare blog; as a natural hair enthusiast, I am keen to share knowledge and tips aimed at supporting you through your natural hair journey! This week’s blog is dedicated to time management in your haircare routine.

How often do you tell yourself ‘I just don’t have the time to look after my hair’? Finding time for your hair when you’re expected to work, study, care for family, socialise and stay active can seem almost impossible! I’m sure many can relate with tying our hair back into a bun or stuffing it under headscarves/hijab and calling it a…

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As an educator, I advocate for the best possible education for every child. However, as a black educator, I recognise that the system does not allow this to happen for every child. Especially black children.

For context, I am what you would call the triple burden: a Black Muslim Woman (BMW, if you will). Therefore, I am extremely proud to have broken barriers in educational settings. However, this is not about me. This is about witnessing the institutionalised racial biases, micro-aggressions and complete disregard for black children’s educational experiences in the UK. …

Hey there, stand-still. You, yes you!

The title probably has you thinking ‘huh?’ but I’ve always been one to give things away too quickly, therefore, that habit changes now. Along with many more. This letter is in particular targeted for the young generation of stand-stills. You’re probably again thinking what is a stand-still? Hold your horses, I’m about to spill the tea.

So, quick background; I graduated from the University of Liverpool with great grades, lots of experience under my belt and LOADS to talk about to employers. Yet, I’m still standing still. I’m not ashamed of it either. Let…

Warning: reading this post as a colourblind individual may cause some sensitivity.

Now, I could lie and say this is not a rant-styled post, but it is so here goes. For a while now I’ve been racking my brains to find those creative juices — get them running again. I was wondering what to write about, looking for topics to discuss but everything seemed just so mediocre. Until today. March 27th, Easter Sunday. I was notified on Facebook because back in high school, I, for some unknown silly reason, set my location to Lahore in Pakistan. …

As an informal writer, I am going to tell you a cliché story on how my passion for writing started.. hooray!

Well, it all started when I was really young, when I first fell in love with reading. I used to read Jacqueline Wilson, Roald Dahl, you name it. By the age of 10, I was finishing Harry Potter books. I would go to the local library near my primary school, and just put my head in a book. My classmates always teased me about being such a bookworm, or a teacher’s pet. When I was young, paperbacks were the…

The importance of social media for a business.. Yes, social media!

The growing use of social media, initially linked to personal use where we all liked and commented on “selfies” as well as who’s with who, has been developing a more popular use in recent years. Yes, that’s what it’s being used for, business! The internet has made a huge impact for globalization has led to businesses finding solace in selling their services/products directly to customers. How they do this online, may you ask? Simple! Having read a shocking yet not so shocking statistic earlier on, I was able to understand why businesses are now going digital to grow their custom.

Lutfia Jabir

Unapologetic educator committed to being the voice for marginalised communities across the UK.

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